Get prepared for used 1998 Lexus car shopping! Understand basic information on a vehicle history report. Whether buying from a private seller or from a reputable dealer, VIN history report will certainly help in making sure you make a sound. A vehicle report provides the essential information you need to choose a used car with a good reliability history and avoid problematic vehicles!

ES 300
JT8BF28G0W00 JT8BF28G1W00 JT8BF28G3W00 JT8BF28G5W00 JT8BF28G6W00 JT8BF28G9W00 JT8BF28GXW00 JT8BF28G0W01 JT8BF28G1W01 JT8BF28G3W01 JT8BF28G5W01 JT8BF28G6W01 JT8BF28G9W01 JT8BF28GXW01 JT8BF28G0W02 JT8BF28G1W02 JT8BF28G3W02 JT8BF28G5W02 JT8BF28G6W02 JT8BF28G9W02 JT8BF28GXW02 JT8BF28G0W50 JT8BF28G1W50 JT8BF28G3W50 JT8BF28G5W50 JT8BF28G6W50 JT8BF28G9W50 JT8BF28GXW50
GS 300/400
JT8BD68S0W00 JT8BD68S1W00 JT8BD68S3W00 JT8BD68S5W00 JT8BD68S6W00 JT8BD68S9W00 JT8BD68SXW00 JT8BD68S0W01 JT8BD68S1W01 JT8BD68S3W01 JT8BD68S5W01 JT8BD68S6W01 JT8BD68S9W01 JT8BD68SXW01 JT8BH68X0W00 JT8BH68X1W00 JT8BH68X3W00 JT8BH68X5W00 JT8BH68X6W00 JT8BH68X9W00 JT8BH68XXW00 JT8BH68X0W01 JT8BH68X1W01 JT8BH68X3W01 JT8BH68X5W01 JT8BH68X6W01 JT8BH68X9W01 JT8BH68XXW01
LS 400
JT8BH28F0W00 JT8BH28F1W00 JT8BH28F3W00 JT8BH28F5W00 JT8BH28F6W00 JT8BH28F9W00 JT8BH28FXW00 JT8BH28F0W01 JT8BH28F1W01 JT8BH28F3W01 JT8BH28F5W01 JT8BH28F6W01 JT8BH28F9W01 JT8BH28FXW01 JT8BH28F0W04 JT8BH28F1W04 JT8BH28F3W04 JT8BH28F5W04 JT8BH28F6W04 JT8BH28F9W04 JT8BH28FXW04
LX 470
JT6HT00W0W00 JT6HT00W1W00 JT6HT00W3W00 JT6HT00W5W00 JT6HT00W6W00 JT6HT00W9W00 JT6HT00WXW00 JT6HT00W0W01 JT6HT00W1W01 JT6HT00W3W01 JT6HT00W5W01 JT6HT00W6W01 JT6HT00W9W01 JT6HT00WXW01 JT6HT00W0W07 JT6HT00W1W07 JT6HT00W3W07 JT6HT00W5W07 JT6HT00W6W07 JT6HT00W9W07 JT6HT00WXW07
SC 300/400
JT8CD32Z0W10 JT8CD32Z1W10 JT8CD32Z3W10 JT8CD32Z5W10 JT8CD32Z6W10 JT8CD32Z9W10 JT8CD32ZXW10 JT8CD32Z0W14 JT8CD32Z1W14 JT8CD32Z3W14 JT8CD32Z5W14 JT8CD32Z6W14 JT8CD32Z9W14 JT8CD32ZXW14 JT8CH32Y0W10 JT8CH32Y1W10 JT8CH32Y3W10 JT8CH32Y5W10 JT8CH32Y6W10 JT8CH32Y9W10 JT8CH32YXW10 JT8CH32Y0W19 JT8CH32Y1W19 JT8CH32Y3W19 JT8CH32Y5W19 JT8CH32Y6W19 JT8CH32Y9W19 JT8CH32YXW19
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